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Startup Accountant is the solution to your Incorporation and Accounting problems.
From creating your new entity in the US, from your office in your own Country, to manage employees payroll and corporate taxes, we can help you.

Frequently Ask Question

The U.S. is the largest market in the world, and opening a Corporation here means the potential of a dramatic growth as well as further credibility of your company. But selling to U.S. businesses can be difficult especially if you’re based overseas. Having successfully introduced international technology companies to the U.S. market, we’ve learned several lessons, listed below, to help companies abroad sell in the U.S.

It’s not necessary to be a U.S. citizen or to be a U.S. resident or to have a green card to start a Corporation in the US
Non-US citizens and non-US residents can legally start a business in the US.
The Startup Accountant Simple Incorporation Package will take care of all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Register for a free account today.

No. Startup Accountant manages everything you need without having you to travel from your country to the US.
We manage everything online remotely with you. All for an easy monthly subscription or customized package.

YES! you can always switch from Monthly to yearly memberships and save a lot!
Not just in money, but also in "transactions": remember each payment, even if recurring, is considered a transaction and counts! 

Great question!
Our secret sauce is that we are all Entrepreneurs, we started companies (and closed some), got investments, and had to deal with everything you are going through.
That is why we are the best people to help you manage your business.

And you can also make some money while doing that!
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